Once again our tiny island has helped set the course for a certain future that is steeped in the classic uncertainty of a pointless feud.

Our cries have been ignored and each level of power has taken it in turns to re assure our collective concerns that we are indeed the noble benefactors of western philosophy.

The relentless visuals from the commons solidify the fact that we are helpless in the face of the jackals rolling around on the green leatherette; laughing in the face of death and destruction.

Now more than ever, we as civilians are duty bound to react not with despair and pessimism, but with hope and positivity. By laying down to the former, we are playing into the hands of our imbecilic members club elite of corrupt politicians. There is strength in numbers, and hope if we desire.

I firmly believe this, but my heart and head hold sway in equal measure to both arguments. Unfortunately, the pessimist is buried deep within my heart; a tumor that has developed a morph like face and a personality that I am too attached to, one that I surely could not terminate out of love. In order to speak with clarity, one must be true to themselves.

With this in mind, I testify that we are all doomed. Not doomed in the sense of an A board wearing right wing preacher, merely in the fact that we will undoubtedly never know or see the world in which many of us truly desire. It is not in the nature of politics and certainly not in the nature of business and the banking sector. Why would they care for the long term plan when they are living to the extent of their lives and not much further. The money comes in, their purpling gristled members bulge with excitement and that is pretty much that.

Why would they care for a world they will not see fail in their lifetimes? That horizon is still a number of decades off in theory, but what then? It is little of their concern, a short man syndrome approach to life.

So in this doomed view of the world, what are we to do? Give up the fight? Apply nail varnish remover to the corneas in liberal amounts and wait for the lights to go out? Maybe, I don’t have the damn answer, if I did I wouldn’t be sat here pondering the pointless.

Wars happen, we generally get involved and there isn’t much we can do to stop it. The hordes in Washington failed to stop the Vietnam War and a million people in London failed to nullify the Golf* war MK II.

Part of me would like to tell you to get on with your lives and ignore them, if you pretend they aren’t there, maybe they’ll get bored and go away? That usually works with bullies and Jehovah’s witnesses so why not politicians. If we stopped caring about anything that they did, they would feel less inclined to incessantly ruin our lives and go bother someone else; perhaps they would simply sit around sniffing each other’s rectums in the hopes of turning a profit. As Chuck Berry once said, “you never can tell”

As much the image is sweet, they would more than likely format a system akin to Burgess’s ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and peel our eyelids from our faces, making us watch as IDS plays piñata with a refugee in a wheel chair that’s trying to fill out a housing benefit in brail. The year is 2020 and all benefit forms must filled out in triplicate in Olde English. That’ll sort the foreigners from the patriotic and worthy.

Godspeed oh noble warriors, decide for yourself on the course of action, and let it be in unity for the good of all those who will precede us.