A friend once told me that being a musician is nigh impossible to make money out of, or at least enough to survive on, and that I should look into pursuing another career path that was likely to see me through my life; electrician, plumber, carpenter. Basically, a trade.
I took his advice and looked just outside the realms of music for work, accidentally stumbling into film making. Not a far cry from the creative means I was told to distance myself from, but who wants to spend the rest of their life laboring over other peoples houses?

I formed Mutoscope Media in mid 2012 after making a music video for Black Moths new single out on New Heavy Sounds records.
I wrote a treatment, drew a rough story board and borrowed a camera. This was my first ever film. No knowledge, no lessons, just a blind man in the dark with an idea.

“If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything individual.” K. Robinson

Black Moth: Blackbirds Fall – Edited and Directed by Dominic Knight

After this, I didn’t look back and kept on pushing myself to the limits with my videos.

A one shot video for Bad for Lazarus

and the making of


Faux Flux: Bone Fever


Smoove and Turrell – Lay it on me (Tour Diary)


Bad for Lazarus: BURNT!



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