Bad for Lazarus

A story to come in due course.


The first single I recorded with Bad for Lazarus in the winter of 2012. The video I wrote and directed hit number two in the NME’s most watched videos for that week, knocking Foo Fighters down to number three.

BURNT! Was the second single after Muddle. I had written this as a sweet farewell to the band after I had decided to leave, intending it for another project, but it ended up being heard and subsequently released; ironic considering the content was aimed at BFL and how much I had come to loath it’s existence.
It was only after I had written the video that I eventually told the band what it was about, and the characters in the video all had a significant relevance. It took a while for them to accept the idea, but finally relented.

This live version filmed by Jo Wells being one of the last shows I would play with the band…it has been widely noted that you could see the tension between everyone on stage at that show, which was probably true, but I think we all had a good time. Who knows?


…and some live stuff that was never released

Rah Rah Ooh Live at Playgroup Festival

Alligator, Crocodile – Music: R. Fownes/Words: D.Knight


Some things don’t last and love dies young, but there will always be memories of the good times and the bad…



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