Blue Friday

That awful moment from any Hollywood movie when someone wakes up from a terrifying dream only to realize they are rousing into a living hell is not something you can truly understand until a day comes where that someone is you.

On Thursday England awoke to an eerie blue fog of confusion and disillusionment as the exit polls started to show a Conservative lead, down past Dante’s nine circles into a realm that even the great Italian couldn’t conjure up with his vivid imagination.

The empty stomach linings convulsed in wry horror as that nightmare turned into another prolonged lurid, lucid reality that will undoubtedly see the end of our human rights, our dignity and the loss of our beloved national health service.

After five years of being bound, gagged and penetrated deep within the colon, the infinite mercy and sadism of the British people has flown its course and set about the possibility of an unsolvable social catastrophe. Our education system will certainly sink lower, isolating scores of children and teenagers that cannot afford the lifetime burden of their tuition fees. Our elderly will lose the care and protection that they deserve from an NHS they most likely saw into fruition and have cherished much more than we can truly understand, whilst everyone else will be fervently backed into a corner and poked with cattle prods until they don salmon pink shirts; either that or perish in the cold winter.

Food Bank use is at an all time high and those on the lower tiers of the cake stand are going to get bent over much further than those that are sat (un) comfortably in the middle, and that is where maybe one of the greatest problems lies. Those that in a way, have most to lose, are the ones with a degree of security on which they can rest easy but lack said security in a realistic sense.

The house, the job and the nuclear lifestyle is a front, probably made by Ikea. You walk past those pristine hedges up to the door of an immaculate looking house and through the flimsy plywood door. What you find inside is nothing like the slums of Mumbai or the tenements of Dagenham, but a different form of depravity. Families are non-existent as both parents are working overtime to pay for said prefab house, leaving the children with a nanny that they can’t really afford and losing out on precious time to exist as normal human beings. These are the people that are convinced, in some alternate reality, that what the Tories are doing for them is right and just. Too focused on keeping their own tiny islands afloat, they neglect to see the damage that is being inflicted on those on the lower levels and therefore don’t change their thought or voting practices and principals.

By keeping the middle ground floating just above the brink of losing everything, the Etonian toffs have managed to secure a victory that no one expected, paving the way for more suffering from societies most vulnerable and needy. Whatever faux meaningful statements they may have given over the course of this election are most likely to be made of moon cheese and crumble into a distant memory, or transform into a chimera and rain down hell fire with banshee like screams of ‘we lied suckers!’ Either way, the next five years are not going to be pretty for those of us below that middle line.

The only possible benefit one can take from this depressing course of events is that it might be enough of a wake up call for people to stand together and work in unison, voicing their grievances in an almighty roar of anger.

Many of us thought that we could stage a democratic revolution, with the amount of people voting and campaigning miles higher than the last election, but this time around, we lost.

It may come to light in the coming weeks and months that this was all a rouse by Rupert Murdoch and co, or we’ll have to accept the fact that many people in this country do not give two ounces of shit about those worse off than them.

Lifetimes are finite and politicians are not real people; at some point we as a nation need to wake up and realize that what many of us are living is not a life of wonder and joy but a grey and blue monotony that divides our time between long work hours and short weekends, drowning our sorrows and drunkenly babbling ambitious plans to change the world that will never manifest.
Revolutions can take many forms, but I think what we, as a country need is a social change in the way we live our lives and what we accept as the norm. There are companies to boycott and communities to form. If we aren’t going to stand up and burn them to the ground, we can beat them with little victories, which in turn makes our own backyards more stable and joyous places to live in.

Fuck the tories and fuck apathy. Let’s show them how much they are despised.


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