Look see child, from beyond the mountaintop

Cast your eyes into the valley below and tell me what you behold, but do not weep, for these creatures are void of any compassion.
See how they treat each other; with no hint of contrition in their callous eyes they rein hellfire down on those without, languishing the have nots into sullen piles of rotten meat ready for compression.

Oh how the devil dined and fed his fallen angels well throughout this great pestilence.

God had died long ago but the death of light does not deny the existence of darkness, it merely strengthens its resources.

But Father, I don’t see empty eyes everywhere? How can this be?

There was a time when all was not lost, but every event meets its horizon, and long ago, this civilization hit the high water mark and cascaded across the abyss into new unfathomable territory.

How did it happen though?

Close your eyes and look back my child and see the horror that man befell on himself.

The tears ran down the boys face as he watched the history unfold. There were wars and dictators; starvation and dehydration. Slaves unpackaged and sold as happiness. These were things that were part of growth and understanding, but they never ceased. Lessons were never learned. He cried out in agony as time and time again he watched unarmed civilians beaten to death by their so called ‘Police’. A resonating chord struck him in the heart and the anger rose through his body.

I shall end this all. I cannot let this carry on a moment longer. Do I have your permission father?

There are times when anger is to be quashed in lieu of benevolence but they have walked too far from the source. Their frequency is diminishing and they create nothing but pain and sorrow. You must understand your actions and stand by them wholeheartedly, and if you do, I give my permission. Take this lesson and hold it in your heart till your dying day. Promise never to succumb to the evils of man.

I wish they were not lost, but I know it must be done.

And without so much as a blink, humanity ceased to exist in any other form for the rest of time. The universe was peaceful once more. The screams of terror were absent.


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