Emerald Jeans

Her deep blue eyes shone up from the sea of faces below me and I was captivated.

My flailing limbs and childish postures suddenly seemed trivial, but the rhythm kept pounding, the notes forever ringing.

We locked our gaze on more than one occasion, exchanging smiles like smitten school children; or maybe she was laughing at my array of grimaces and gurns? I will probably never know.

The show ended but they called for more. Those crystal eyes shone ever brighter but they never left the room. The crowd cheered but I had selfishly lost interest in everything peripheral. She smiled back and looked at her shoes.

The gin and grapefruit had taken control of my motor functions as I flew to the exit in need of nicotine and the cold winter air.

I saw a pair of emerald green jeans and she was there in a frozen glory.

People talked and I listened with one eye on her, our gaze locked again and the smile melted my soul. I had all the time in the world, but in a split second she was saying goodbyes and walking across the road.

The politeness in me carried on the conversation that I should have dropped while the world had other plans.


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