Hang ’em High

And lo, I drop to my knees and pray to the old gods and the new.

Take heed to the cries of the innocent and the righteous for they have seen hell.

Raise up your tridents and your lighting bolts and strike down each and every man, woman and monster that has oppressed another on this here planet for they deserve no love.

String them up by their necks till the life drains from their abused vessel.

Hang the racists.

Sodomize the homophobes.

Throw the politicians into the streets and watch them freeze to death with no morsel to line their bloated stomachs for they are pitiful creatures.

Burn the zealots who turn their deities into tools of propaganda and war.

Beat those who beat their wives for they will never understand compassion.

…But when all is said and done and we stand holding hands in a sea of blood, we will turn to each other and be struck down from on high, for we have stooped beyond the level of beasts and become what we most despised.

The understanding of another’s suffering will never be reached until the moment we stop to help and ask why.

For though terrible, unthinkable deeds have occurred, they don’t materialize from thin air.

We are all fallible, and we all have the ability to change.

The only thing stronger than fear is hope…

Except for politicians, hang ‘em high!


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