The Adventures of Buggy McBugson

Buggy McBugson was a bit of a prick. None of the other arthropods liked him because he was always causing trouble in the parking lot and getting them in the shit with Mister 4.

Mister 4 owned the carpark and let all the little beetles practice their tricks when nobody was looking, but he had a nasty secret.

The lair was located at the back of the toilet by the park. It contained carcasses of beetles and wasps and stick insects, but no one ever found out because Mister 4 was a clever man.

One day Buggy Mc Bugson went to spray rude words on the toilet. The door was ajar and he snuck his head round the corner.

Inside, Mister 4 was bent over with his trousers round his ankles. Underneath him was a bowl of beetles, all alive but unable to escape for he had greased the bowl.

Buggy McBugson could only watch in horror as Mister 4 sprayed his shit all over his friends, drowning them in fecal matter.

His scream echoed around the toilet and Mister 4 caught sight of him. In less than a second he had strolled over and splatted Buggy McBugson with his bare foot, smiling as the delicate shell cracked between his toes.

No more ice cream for Mister Bugson mother, it looks like he has gone on holiday.


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