Notice of Eviction


Slithering sympathetic sniveling dogs bat eyelids made of chalk over rawhide skin.

   Apologies through teeth of buttermilk stained ashtrays litter the floor, merely for show.

   Rhetoric and paperwork swim in the air as numbers fly from the screens, pretend images of toy town houses made larger than real life to help gratify a negative outburst.

   A notice of eviction – Stop
Please vacate the property by requested date – Stop

Please inform all interested parties that we require samples of blood and hair to be provided on the first of each month, along with DE-listed money in bundles of twenties in a brown paper bag. Leave it behind the bin, you will be watched – Stop

You will be required to sleep in a space that is 2x4x8. There will be no running water –stop

   The list goes on and stretches way up into the Milky Way, and on a clear night, you can just about make out the fine print way up behind the plough.

   The monopoly is rigged and the trigger finger itches.


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