Sura .0


In the eyes of the world, he is a sad man who is beholden to a scripture of vengeance and fearfulness.
That which is his, is taken by a masked mercenary and uttered through the words of an illiterate fool as gospel, treading on the intelligence of man and undermining the good nature of Gaia, whom has enduring love, but with a wrath that is unburdened of judgement, merely equality.
Sadness is misunderstood as the work of the devil. Though true, the connotations are not negative, but a guiding hand to overcome and build a stronger and more resilient self.
The true evil is the constant happiness, a disreputable ideology that shatters a creative existence in lieu of that which is impossible.
To fall from the right hand of power for disputing an unexamined gospel is truly more noble than the blindness of angels.


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